Documents go back as far as 1222. The chateau and its surrounding grounds were owned by an aristocrate family of the house of  “de la Tour d’Auvergne”.

As of 1586 the De la Forest Bulhon family becomes the owner of the chateau. On the ground floor the coat-of-arms can still be found above the fire place. The black and grey pattern has recently been confirmed by a department official. 


In 1880 a new road is constructed connecting Savennes with Ussel (Corrèze). This road splits the chateau grounds in two. It is for this reason the current parking area is nowadays on the other side of the road !


During the second World War the Chateau is rented out to the Chantiers de la Jeunesse Française (CJF), groupement nr 22. All young men at the age of twenty needed to follow a training with this organisation.  After the invasion in Normandie these activities came to an end. Rumours in the village say the chateau was a cover for the resistance against Marschal Pétain. General De Gaulle acknowledged in 1945 that the CJF was used for this purpose.


After the war a France insurance company shortly ownes the chateau and it is used as a summer camp for children. The Algerian government after that buys the property  and uses it to shelter orphaned children. After Algeria becomes an independent state in 1962 the chateau is uninhabited and neglected for years. 


In 1991 Mr Martin becomes the owner of the chateau and starts a restaurant in the rear part of the building, the Napoleon Wing.  This is not a huge success and he sells the chateau in 2005 to the English couple Emily en Tom Wallis.  They spent much time renovating and redecorating the building. Their plan to convert it into a group accomodation does not work out well.


In 2010 the Dutchmen Jaap van den Berg en Rob Cordes-van den Berg buy the property. The chateau will be used as a residence and bed & breakfast.