The little village of Savennes is surrounded by forest, hills and mountainviews. 

At 25 minutes drive you'll find the beautiful villages Le Mont-Dore and La Bourboule. In the 19th century rich asthma patients were attracted by the hot springs and their healing powers. The grandeur of this time can still be found in the beautiful architectural buildings. 

The clean air, peacefulness and beautiful environment still exist today. If you want to go back in time, you must pay a visit to the lunchroom (Jazz) Cafe de Paris in Le Mont-Dore.



Following the road in the opposite direction through the gorge, you can visit Ussel. This town has more shops. In the old town centre you find a bakery with delicacies at every corner. Do remember where you parked your car as you will surely get lost in the little streets.



On a sunny day it is worthwhile to take the scenic route through the mountains to Clermont Ferrand. You will have the most beautiful views on the volcanic mountainside of the Puy de Dome. In this big French city you can spend the day shopping and admiring the architecture. The distinct volcan the Puy de Dome, after which the area has been named, can be visited as well.



A little further away but definately worhtwhile a visit is the city of Vichy. Here you can also find two excellent golfcourses ( see the item GOLF under activities).